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Navigate the Economic Storm with Confidence

With scarce funding and the threat of down rounds, walking the tightrope can be a challenging task. Let Howdy provide a lifeline by sourcing senior, ownership-minded developers. 

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Ditch the Drudgery of Uninterested Freelancers 

No more more misaligned expectations and missed deadlines between your tech teams.

Unite Your Development Team with Howdy's Local Offices and Passionate Community of Top-Talent Developers.

Begin vetting developers in as little as 24 hours!

Investment in the future of work 

We’re backed by the same people who brought you Twitch, Gitlab, Docker, Coinbase. Gitlab, AirBnB, Heroku, and others. With investors like Y-Combinator (W21), Obvious, Greycroft, and SoftBank, Howdy is not alone in changing the way developers work for US startups.


Hi, we're Jacqueline and Frank, founders of Howdy! 

Over our careers, it was always a challenge to source and retain the best technical talent in Latin America. We built Howdy for other US companies to automate the complexities of setting up, sourcing, procuring, and supporting their dev team in Latin America.  

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Frequently asked question

Are you recruiters? A staffing agency?
We are not. Rather, we build, manage, and retain dev teams in LATAM by handling contracts, logistics, and compliance for international hiring and management.

How long until my first engineer is hired?
4-6 weeks total (from us beginning to source candidates to your first hire’s start date)

What countries do you have offices in?
We have offices in Argentina, Perú, Chile, Colombia, México, Uruguay and Austin, Texas.

Why are your partners inclined to hire engineers through you rather than directly?
International logistics are tough so we take care of everything: talent acquisition, HR, legal compliance, Class-A office space, MacBook Pros, swag, perks, and onsite teams that help with retention.

Can you tell me more about the 7 day risk free period?*
Partner may terminate any SOW immediately with no charge during the first week of such SOW by providing written notice thereof. Additionally, all Howdy Professionals terminated by Partner must be given at least 2 weeks notice at full cost. If Partner terminates SOW within the first 4 weeks, then the 2 week notice will not be required.